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Lego Mindstorm in P4-7

Fantastic chance for the pupils of both P4/5 and P6/7 to try their hand at programming with the Lego Mindstorm challenge. The pupils learned how to programme their robots and had to use these newly learned skills to tackle a series of increasing more complex problems. Working together, the pupils had to utilise different sensors on the robots to get their robots to drive round obstacles, turn corners and even carry out a small dance!

RBS Moneysense

Yesterday P6/7 enjoyed  a fantastic afternoon with the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Moneysense team. We learned a lot of skills around budgeting  based around the context of organising a birthday party.

These skills will come in very handy in later life, and more immediately, as we gear up to running a Fairtrade café towards the end of term.



Holocaust Memorial Service – QMU

Last Thursday, P6/7 went to Queen Margaret University to take part in the Holocaust Memorial service. Introduced by the Lord Provost, the class heard a number of speakers talk about different aspects of the Holocaust. We took part in an art project around the theme “Torn From Home”.  We had a number of pupils who were confident and eloquent enough to volunteer to go up on stage to speak to the audience about their artwork and feelings.

The class behaved amazingly well, throughout what was a very sensitive topic, and did the school proud.


P6/7 Rugby

P6/7 have recently finished a very thorough and enjoyable series of rugby sessions with Chris Laidlaw. Surprisingly coinciding with some good weather, the P6/7 pupils showed a lot of enthusiasm during the sessions and demonstrated an increasing level of skill. Well done everyone!

P6/7 Visit To New Lanark

On Monday, the P6/7’s went on a visit to New Lanark to consolidate some of their learning about the Victorians.  It was a long bus journey there and back but it was worth the effort. We were able to sample a real Victorian classroom with an authentic Victorian teacher (scarier than Mr Cain) and learned that while some things in school life has changed considerably over the many years, other things had remained much the same.

And we got to see some real Victorian buildings, engines and factory machines. Finally there was an interactive ride through history seeing (and smelling) the development of the Victorian age through the eyes (and nose) of a young Victorian girl.

A very interesting day out for everybody!

Maths Week

This week was Maths week and we did maths and numeracy almost all the time, and despite some initial misgivings the class survived intact :), and amazingly had some great times over the week!

Yes, we had our normal maths lessons, but there was so much more – we had a maths trail around the school gathering clues to solve some mathematical questions. We had an outdoor maths sessions where we solved problems outside. We had some maths art sessions – making “Figure Me Out” posters and drawing strange figures using only 2D shapes. Our spelling was maths words, we had mathletics on the laptops, we played times tables games and had a carousel of mini problems to  complete. Phew!! And all that in just 3 days.

P6/7 Kayaking

We had a great morning at Musselburgh lagoons learning to kayak (and canoe). The outdoor ed. coaches were brilliant at showing us how to control our boats, moving and navigating with the paddles. We even got to try tricks in the boats like changing positions, standing up and making “bridges”. At the end we had a chance to roll our boats right over with us still inside. Freezing cold, but great fun!