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Message from Innerwick Parent Council


Dear Parents and Carers
The Parent council would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mrs Lindsay Cameron and Mrs Janette Gordon to the school.
As you will all be aware Lindsay took over in the office when Tina left and we are delighted to have her enthusiastic support in helping the Parent Council stay in touch with families and the community.
Mrs Gordon achieved the post of Head Teacher just before the holidays and we are delighted to have her in the school ready to take us forward in this new academic year. Mrs Gordon is just what the school has needed after many years of uncertainty and staffing issues. We wish her every success and support in the months ahead.
The Parent Council would like to remind parents that the school has an open door policy. If you have any issues or worries about your child or matters arising in the school you are welcome to discuss them with Mrs Gordon or the appropriate member of staff. This is easy to organise by phone, email or by popping into the office. Lindsay will assist you to make an appointment if necessary to discuss the issue.
We would discourage parents from using social networking sites to vent anger or negative issues regarding the school. This is not only upsetting for the members of staff involved but if they are seen by the wider community will create a very negative image of the school.
Thank you.
Rhona Jamieson.

Nursery Update from Parent Council

The Parent Council has finally received a reply to their letter to Mr Don Ledingham  regarding the provision of ante pre-school places at Innerwick Nursery. This reply has come from Mr Richard Parker, Education Service Manager. The Parent Council has written to the parents of the children affected so far this year asking for responses to Mr Parker’s letter and will be planning its next steps at its next meeting which is on Tuesday 24th April at 7.30pm in the school. Any other parents who wish to make a response to Mr Parker’s letter are very welcome to do so, by phoning Fiona 840210 or emailing

letter from richard parker0001

Nursery Waiting List for April 2012

Nursery Waiting List for April 2012

Following a very well attended meeting on Wednesday 7th March between the Parent Council and the parents of those children who will not be able to take up their places at Innerwick Nursery in April 2012 because the nursery’s morning sessions are full, the Parent Council has written to Mr Don Ledingham, Executive Director of Education and Children’s Services to express its concern and to seek a solution to this problem. The meeting was also attended by a number of parents whose children are due to begin nursery later in 2012. See letter below.

Fiona Nightingale on behalf of IPS Parent Council

Nursery places to Don Ledingham