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Innerwick Early Years Setting – a setting of Innovation and Impact

The whole early years team have been working really hard over the last few years to develop practice. Hard work has paid off and we were recently awarded the ELC Innovation Award from the Scottish Government. We enjoyed meeting the Scottish Minister for Children and Young People, Ms Maree Todd, who visited to find out about the innovation, meet the children and staff and hand over the award. The team have launched a research project which will further develop the identified innovation, the Map-do-review method. Below is the storyboard designed by Mrs Laing, which shows the theory of change for the project. Mrs Laing will be sharing the project work at various conferences as it progresses over 2019-2020.
ELC – Quality – Innovation – Innerwick – storyboard – Final – Aug 2019

Innerwick Early Years – Setting of Innovation and Impact 2018

Innerwick Early Years Team are delighted and proud to have been selected as a Setting of Innovation and Impact 2018 by The Scottish Government. We are one of six settings in Scotland chosen from more than 70 applications. Staff will work with The Scottish Government’s ELC Quality Team from January 2019 to share their play-based pedagogical approach nationally. Please read and learn about some of the play-based development work and view our submission of evidence to The Scottish Government. Furthermore we also wish to share the Improvement Plan for the coming year 2018-2019.

ELC Quality innovation-impact survey Aug 18
Innerwick’s Loose Parts Journey 17-18
Froebel A1 poster S. Laing
NIP- Innerwick- 2018-2019 final

Farewell to Mrs Hood

Thank you for all the lovely cards, gifts, flowers and kind messages given to me over the last few days. I will miss Innerwick greatly. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching here.

For those who missed my farewell speech, I have added it below.

What Innerwick means to me….
I is for Innerwick – A very special and unique village, in a beautiful setting with fabulous views and a friendly community.
N is for the nine years I have been here at Innerwick, starting in a P1/2 class, then moving to a P6/7 class and then into Nursery 6 years ago. I have taught all ages and stages over the years.
N is for new – heading off to a new school with new pupils, new parents and new challenges. There will also be new staff starting here at Innerwick in August and I wish them well.
E is for experiences and enjoyment: trips to the beach, theatre, local farm, library, Safari Park, Dynamic Earth, gardening in the polytunnel, picnics, selling vegetables, plums, muffins and popcorn, Christmas shows, Sports Days. All memorable and fun.
R is for the 3 Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic which I have taught a lot of whilst working here!
W is for welcoming and wonderful – I don’t think I need to say any more…
I is for the individuals that I have taught over the years – the ones who like things to be ordered in a certain way, the ones who are frequently late, the ones who never complete their homework on time, or the ones who never remember their reading book! Each and every one of you has helped to make my time at Innerwick so unique and fulfilling (and challenging at times!)
C is for my colleagues. We have had so many laughs (and tears!) together over the years, and I thank you for being there for me. It has been wonderful to be part of such a great team. I will miss the camaraderie, and will definitely keep in touch with you.
K is for kids and kindness; both of which are plentiful at Innerwick. It is the children who make this school such special place. I thank you and your parents for all your kindness over the years. I will miss you all, and Innerwick will remain a very special place to me for many years to come.

I hope you all have a lovely summer.
Best wishes to you all from,
Mrs Hood

Our Nursery Year

Today we invited the nursery parents in so we could share our experiences from the last year with them. We have managed to cram in so much – making friends, lots of mud play, yummy food, outings, fun and LOTS of learning!
We also said goodbye and good luck to the four Pre-school children who are moving into P1. We will miss you, but we know that we will still see you around the school.
Please enjoy looking at the slideshow of some of this year’s special moments.
Wishing you all a very happy summer break and thank you to all the parents for your support throughout the year.

Tasty Porridge!

Today we enjoyed a visit from Sally who works for “Farm to Fork,” which is based at The Hirsel. She told us all about the crops which are grown on the farm there and showed us pictures about different farming activities that happen around the year. We were also able to identify different cereals by looking closely at their heads.

Finally we helped to prepare some tasty porridge which we enjoying eating with a lovely selection of toppings. Thank you very much to Sally for making our learning so interesting and relevant!

Book Week November 2015

During Book Week Scotland (23rd – 27th November), children throughout the school took part in lots of book-related activities. Some of these were:
• Visiting Dunbar Library and learning how the books are organised, and given the opportunity to borrow a book to read at home.
• Dressing up as a character from a book.
• Sharing our favourite books with our classmates.
• Discussing the features of a book.
• Enjoying lots of stories together – some of them read and some of them listened to.
• Parents sharing their favourite books during a whole school story-telling session.
• Buying lots of books from the Scholastic Book Fair which was held in school all week. Thank you for your support. With the commission, we have been able to purchase new books for each classroom, and some sets of readers for different reading levels.
• Choosing our own books to read for homework each night this week.
• And much more…..!

P3/4 Sponsored Hockey Dribble

Over two afternoons, P3 and P4 children have been taking part in a sponsored hockey dribble to raise money for the school’s charity for this year, LifeStraws.
In groups, the children first measured and then created a 50m course through which to dribble their hockey ball. Each child was then responsible for keeping track of their distance by recording each 50m dribble they completed. Everyone’s total distance was then added up and this amount is going towards a national challenge, organised by Scottish Hockey, of completing 9,828km, which is the journey from Delhi (where the last Commonwealth Games were held in 2010) to Glasgow (this year’s host city for the Commonwealth Games). As a school, we agreed to dribble 7,838m which is a figure based on the area of Scotland.

All children completed the challenge with great skill and enthusiasm (even in the heavy rain showers and the extremely long grass!), and already some sponsor money is being returned. Please return all sponsor money to the School Office before the end of May. We will let you know how much the class manage to raise for LifeStraws.
Thanking parents, relatives and friends for their kind donations to this worthwhile cause.

P3/4 Hockey Dribble on PhotoPeach