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Message from Mr MacRury

Mr MacRury would like to thank everyone for all their kind wishes and gifts. He will miss Innerwick Primary School, all it’s pupils, parents and staff but is looking forward to his new role in Dunbar Primary School. We welcome Mrs Janette Gordon to the Innerwick School Community.


P7 Transition dates still to come

Upcoming dates
25th May:  Transition Morning at Dunbar Grammar School (lunch in Bistro then spend the afternoon in Dunbar Leisure Pool 1 – 3pm)
6th June:  Parent Information Evening at Dunbar Grammar School 7 – 9pm
15th June:  Transition Morning at Dunbar Grammar School – Meet your new class
18th & 19th June:  Dunbar Grammar School – two day visit . Catch Eves Coach to school

World Book Day (Week) Events at Innerwick Primary School

World Book Day 2012
Programme of Activities

Dear Parents

This year Kirsten Pearson in the Nursery has organised a series of events to celebrate world book day and promote literacy.

Parents are encouraged to come to the school on Thursday 1st March to participate in a series of events to celebrate on the day.

Monday 27th February

Children are requested to bring into school a copy of their favourite
book.  Find 30 minutes or so to discuss with the children the reasons for their choice.
Children to write a couple of sentences/short paragraph explaining why this is their favourite book.  Take photographs of the children holding their book and create a display at the front door/in class (with photographs and the children’s explanations).

Tuesday 28th  February

We will come together as a whole school directly after lunch.  Teachers will introduce and discuss World Book Day and why we celebrate this.  We will then have a 10 minute small group discussion when children share their vfavourite books (and why) with children from the other classes.   A couple of children from each class will present to the whole school.

Wednesday 29th February

Children are asked to bring books into school for Africa.  These should be second hand books that the children have grown out of.  A suggested donation of 50 p – £1 is asked for as well. The books should be in good condition. A display of the books will be made in the hall. Some books will be read in class for the last time in Scotland before starting their journey through the Dunbar Rotary to Africa.

Thursday 1st March – World Book Day (whole morning)

Parent will be invited into the school at 8:50 am for family reading.  Parents can congregate in the hall and then make their way to their children’s classrooms around 9:00 am.  This could also be done in the hall like last year   Parents are asked to bring with them a copy of their favourite children’s book.  This can be from their childhood or a current book.
They can then spend some time in school reading to their children and some of their friends (15 – 20 minutes).

9:30 am – Parents are invited to have coffee/tea in the nursery and all
children will meet in the hall to be split into four groups (based on their


Children will participate in four* different activities (x 30 minutes)throughout the morning.  Two sessions will take place before break and two sessions after.  All children (school and nursery) will rotate round the different sessions.  A later break time will be arranged (10:45 – 11:00 am).
Design a Book Mark – children will design a book mark – winning entries will be entered into the national competition.  Template will be provided.
The Giant Jam Sandwich (by John Vernon and Janet
– children will listen to the story and then make jam sandwiches.
Oliver’s Milkshake (by Vivian French and Alison
– children will listen to the story and then make different flavours of
The Perfect Hamburger (by Alexander McCall Smith) – children will
listen to a small extract from the story and then create 3D hamburgers using a
variety of art materials.

Timings: Session 1 – 9:45 – 10:15 am; Session 2 – 10:15 – 10:45 am;
Break; Session 3 – 11:10 – 11:40 am; Session 4 – 11:40 – 12:10 pm.

A variety of extension activities should be made available including
watching video clips and playing games/activities from the World Book day

*Nursery children will only participate in three sessions and then will
head back to the nursery to be ready to go home at 11:50 am.

Friday 2nd March 2012

Children and teachers can dress up as their favourite book character.

This is Dr Seuss’s birthday so it is an opportunity to read some of his
books and explore the

Hand out the World Book Day book tokens (nursery to get these on

Purple Pinkie Day

The children are a sea of purple and pink today. Their pinkies hase been painted and polio stickers applied. Over £50 has been collected and given to the Dunbar Rotary to help the programme to eradicate polio in the world. Well done all.

Innerwick Primary School pupils have funded the cost of 250 immunisation injections today.  Super work.

Innerwick Primary School Diary Dates

Dates for Your diary


2nd                   P7 transition morning @ Dunbar Primary School

fire safety talk – p.m.

8th                   P6/7 team Primary School Quiz @ Dunbar Primary

9th                   P7 Spring Fling @ Dunbar Primary School

21st                  Purple Pinkie Day – dress up in purple in support
of “End Polio”

23rd                 Tempest Photographer – Group photographs



1st                    World Book Day

5th – 9th       Literacy

20th                 Parents Evening (Early)

21st                  Parents Evening (Late)

23rd                 Sports Relief day

28th                 Assembly in Church

30th                 Last day of term.