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The Crossroads Project – Volunteers Required

The Crossroads Project

Dunbar Transition P7-S1


Next Week

Monday 25th May-Friday 29th May



  Calling all Parents & Grandparents,

Aunts & Uncles, Friends & Family and all willing volunteers to help support P7 Pupils from East Linton, West Barns, Stenton, Innerwick & Dunbar Primary School’s activities week being held at Dunbar PS…


If you can help out for a morning or afternoon

next week, please can you leave your name and

contact number with the school office

and we will be in touch.  Thank You.


It will be fun, interesting; you will learn new skills in arts & crafts and meet new people!  We need your help!

Raising Money for Comic Relief

Pupils and staff recently had great fun whilst raising money for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day.

They all came to school wearing something Red: this included pyjamas, dressing gowns, t-shirts, red noses, socks, and wigs!

In the week before Red Nose Day, the children, in their classes, had all made their own collection boxes. They took these home and collected spare change from family, friends and relatives and then brought their collection into school on Red Nose Day.

On the Friday morning, the children emptied their collection boxes and laid a trail of their change around the school. When we had run out of room to lay any more of the trail, the coins were made into a huge smiley face in the gym hall!

In total, £270.40 was raised for Comic Relief, and EVERYBODY from the school would like to say a BIG thankyou to everybody who donated, as this is a MASSIVE effort for a small school. 

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Seeing You Go Safely – Be Safe Be Seen

Young people are often hurt on the road because they can’t be seen clearly by other traffic. 

As we approach the shortest day of the year it is a  time when we are reminded of the need to be seen when we are out walking and cycling. The short daylight hours mean that often people are  travelling in poor light conditions, with heavy rain or mist or snow and are more vulnerable to vehicular traffic accidents.
The twilight hours – just before and just after the sun sets are the most dangerous times of all, because drivers’ eyes are adjusting to the changing light. Children are advised to stand out against the gloom by wearing bright  or fluorescent clothes that show up best during the day, particularly in dull or misty weather. However, fluorescent clothing does not work at night –  reflective material works best and shows up in cars’ headlights.

Other travelling advice includes keeping to well-lit routes and crossing roads at safe places, like zebra or pelican crossings.Also if there is no pavement available pedestrians should walk facing the on-coming traffic.

Cyclists can help themselves to be seen by wearing fluorescent or reflective clothes. Bikes must legally have a white light at the front, a red light at the back and a red reflector at the back, during the hours of darkness. Flashing lights on bikes are now legal and do alert drivers to cyclists more easily.  They should be checked regularly to make sure they are in good working order and that the batteries are well charged. 

Lets See you Go safely! Be Safe Be Seen!

Useful Web sites for purchasing high visibility clothing are: &

P7 Camp Experience – October 2008

You may have seen previously on our blog, that our P7 pupils went to Dounans Residential Centre at the beginning of October.

Whilst there, the children and Miss Lynn took part in a number of fun team activities which included abseilling, hill walking, orienteering and problem solving.

We are sure that you can tell from the photos that they all had a fabulous, albeit a bit wet, time whilst they were there!

They also thought that it was a great way to make new friends as part of their transition to S1 in August 2009.

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