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A brand new P6/7

Our first full week back and we are in full swing. Our new teacher Mrs Jones took us to the Glasgow Science  Centre and started our electricity topic. We even had visitors in from Torness power station. Mr Cain started our numeracy work and set up Accelerated Reader and the reading groups. The P7s also started thinking towards next week and camp.


Bikeability and African Drummers

One of the more unusual weeks for P6/7. With bikeability sessions on every day for the P6s first and then the P7s, normal lessons were difficult to fit in. And of course we had the fabulous African drummers and dancers in on Monday afternoon as well. However the P7s managed to fit in their maths assessments for Dunbar Grammar while the P6s caught up with AR, organised all the libraries in the school and managed to get all the vegetable, sapling and flower beds in the grounds tidied up and weeded. And of course our personal projects were started up in earnest.

Weekly Catch Up

With the term back in full swing it is time for a wee photo catch up. All the usual work hard work has been going on maths, reading, writing and our America topic is really going full steam ahead!

However on top of all that we have had a lady in to class to talk about the Smoke Free initiative, the Big Spring clean, a cheerleading session led by Dunbar Grammar, the World of Work marketplace, a sunlight photography course and of course rehearsals for our section of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations coming up at the village hall.

Super Busy!

What a crammed full week this was.  Apart from all the normal stuff, we had to fit in Purple Pinkie. The rotary Club came in to tell us about all about the world wide fight against Polio. We are “this close” to eradicating it for good! Chris came in for our first Rugby session. It was a lot of fun and got us running about like crazy. Next, the community wardens came in to give us a presentation on anti-social behaviour and peer-pressure. That was very interesting. And on Wednesday Ang from Outdoor Ed came in to do some outdoor work linked to our materials topic. We built dens, with each group tasked to build one with a key objective (wind-proof, water-proof, strong etc)  We had to concentrate on the properties of the materials we chose to use. Then we tried some burning and talked about physical changes in materials. We ran out of time to try the camping kettles Ang had brought in but she did demonstrate one though. And there was science experiments and today we have World Book Day. Phew!!


Fun in the Snow!

The nursery children had so much fun playing in the snow this morning. They learned how to roll enormous snowballs to create a snowman and also enjoyed sliding down the hill on fertiliser bags.

The snow play continued back in the classroom as snow was collected and put into the water tray.

We all hope that the snow stays for a few days so we can continue to play in it.

Sports Day Week

We crammed a lot into this week as usual. Lots of spelling, writing, maths, and in our Olympic topic we were learning all about the digestive system. We also had an unusual visitor (Caleb’s cat) and a beautiful singing performance from P1/2. And of course there was Sports afternoon (see separate post) which we had to train for.

We are really looking forward to health week to try lots of exciting healthy activities and experience even more outdoor learning.