7 thoughts on “P6/7”

  1. hi Rory here, in America.
    I won a bronze medal at the world championships yesterday!
    I won over a more experienced grey and black belt (I am 2 belts lower than he was, that is equal to at least 2-3 years more time on the mats than me) I then lost my semi final but it was enough to get bronze. Now we can relax and have some fun at Disney Land!
    We all have had fun looking at what has been going on at school over the last few weeks. but it was a really boring wait for my fights and I felt really nervous about what was to come.
    See you all at school !

  2. Seems like you are all having fun! Wishin’ the P7’s Good Luck on their transitions! <3
    ~Kayla =^-^=

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