The new Pupil Voice Group connected to ‘Mathletes’ is called ‘STEAM’. This group will look at aspects of science, technology, engineering and art. Watch this pace for updates!!









‘Mathletes’ is the name of our Numeracy Team which features staff, pupils and parents who want to develop numeracy and maths within the school. We will look at how to make maths and numeracy the best it can be in school, and at home, so that everyone can make progress and enjoy success.


Minutes of last Meeting : Date 13th November 2018 by Imogen

We are the Mathletes and here is what we did at our last meeting.

First we discussed four ways which may have a potential to improve our maths and numeracy skills. Here is a list of the ways we came up with :-

– listening

– talking

– problem solving

– reading

Next we decided what to tell the school about our competition and who should say what. In the end everyone had two sections. Donna went and typed out what we were saying and we had a short rehearsal.

Date of next meeting : Thursday 15th November

Minutes by Imogen


Minutes of last Meeting : Date 15th November 2018 by Jack

present – Cara, Rose, Jack, Imogen, Tabby, Callum F, Donna, Emma, Elaine, Mr Cain

First we discussed how we could measure the skills that we decided upon last time (listening, talking, reading & talking). We decided to concentrate on problem solving first. We talked about tests, making a checklist and having trays to hold pupils comments. In the end we decided that carrying out a group task might be the best way. The actual task will be discussed at the next meeting.

Then we discussed if we could come up with a school event that might interest parents and pupils in numeracy. We talked about bingo and playground games. We thought we might hold a café (links to Fairtrade café next term) where we might have some numeracy activities that the children and parents could take part in.

Date of next meeting : TBC

Minutes by Jack


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