School Meals


Meals at Innerwick Primary School are provided in the dining area by our Catering Assistant, Julie Yorkston.

There is a choice of soup and a main meal or a main meal and a dessert.

There is also the choice of fruit juice, milk or water.

Children can choose to bring packed lunches to the school and these lunches are also eaten in the dining area.

Under the Education and Community Services Committee’s policy, children in attendance at schools under the management of the Council are entitled to free school meals if their parents are in receipt of certain benefits. Further details can be found under the John Muir House Educational Handbook or from the Free Meals & Free Clothing Section, Dept. of Education & Community Services, John Muir House, Haddington, EH41 3HA.

School Milk

Free milk is available to all children in the Nursery Class. For Primary children, milk is available at the price of 17p per day. Milk is normally paid every term. Some children in the Primary school may be entitled to free milk.

All pupils in the Nursery, Primary 1-2 receive free fruit Tues – Thurs.


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