School Uniform


The school, in line with all other East Lothian schools has a dress code. It is as follows:

White polo shirts, White collared T-shirts with or without school logo or White shirts

School sweatshirts, School cardigans, Plain jumpers or cardigans in Navy blue
Plain jumpers/cardigans

Trousers, jogging bottoms, Shorts, skirts in Navy blue, grey or black.

Neatness, tidiness and cleanliness are expected at all times.

When children are taking part in field-trips they should be wearing appropriate and suitable clothing.

For the purpose of doing art work, without clothes being ruined it is helpful if each child has a painting shirt.

Children should always have a PE kit in school to enable the teachers or visiting specialists to take PE lessons throughout the week. Your child will need a T-shirt, shorts and appropriate footwear e.g. plimsolls. For safety reasons P.E. can only be taken when a child has the appropriate kit with him/her.
Since children work on the floor surfaces from time to time, everyone is expected to change from their outdoor shoes on entry. A shoe bag is desirable to hold indoor shoes.


The Council operates a scheme of provision to ensure that a pupil is sufficiently and suitably clad to take full advantage of the education provided. Further information can be found in the John Muir House Education Department Handbook.

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