P1/2/3 Outing to Scottish Seabird Centre

Our P1/2/3 pupils are very excited about their upcoming trip to Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick which is to be on Tuesday 16th September 2008.

The class having been looking at The Sea Shore for their class topic, and this will be the Grand Finale for them!

We hope that they have a fantastic time there and can come back and give us lots of comments for the website!

P7 School Camp – Dounans – 29th September to 3rd October

Our P7 pupils are going to Dounans Residential Centre from Monday 29th September to Friday 3rd October 2008.

Dounans Centre is located in 30 acres of grounds within the Queen Elizabeth Park and is within walking distance of the village of Aberfoyle.

The children will take part in a number of fun team activities during their stay at Dounans, which may include, abseilling, hill walking, orienteering and problem solving.

The three of them, along with Mrs Lynn, are very much looking forward to their stay and we hope that they will share their experiences with us via the website on their return.

Further information on Dounans Centre can be found at;

www.scottish-centres.org.uk or www.soec.org.uk

P1/2/3 Outing to a production of A Town Called Elsewhere

The pupils from our P1/2/3 class are going to East Linton Primary School tomorrow, 5th September 2008, to see a production of A Town Called Elsewhere.

This is a production by Catherine Wheels Production Company. It tells the story of a man called Jo who arrives in a new town and finds it difficult it fit in. This new town seems like this home town – the park, the cafes, the town square, they all remind him of home – but the people are different. They greet each other differently, they sing different songs and they dance in a different way. It is impossible for him to join in. However hard he tries, nobody wants to know him.

A Town called Elsewhere introduces the theme of citizenship to primary aged pupils.  At its simplest level, the story deals with the main themes of feeling you don’t fit in and the acceptance of other people’s difference.  At a higher level it deals with citizenship, prejudice and culture.

Further information about Catherine Wheels Production Company can be found at:-www.catherinewheels.co.uk

Welcome to the New School Year

We would like to welcome back the pupils and staff who were at Innerwick Primary School last term.

We would like to welcome to our school the new P1 pupils who have just started their first days with us and also our new Nursery children. We hope that your school days are packed full of fun and enjoyment!

We also welcome Mrs McAvoy to our staff, who joins us as our Administrative Assistant.

Growing together in a vibrant and inclusive learning community