Goodbye to Mrs Lynn

Mrs Lynn who has been a class teacher at Innerwick Primary School for over 20 years will sadly be leaving the school on Friday 16th January 2009.

Mrs Lynn has earned a well deserved promotion and will be moving to another school in East Lothian.

The staff, parents, carers, pupils and friends of Innerwick Primary School wish her all the very best in her new position and hope that she keeps in contact with us.

There will be an assembly for Mrs Lynn in school on Friday 16th January at 11.00am


Fun with Gladys Chucklebutty!

All of the children from our Nursery Class up to the P7 pupils at Innerwick Primary School were very much looking forward to the visit from Gladys Chucklebutty who was coming to school to entertain them all at the end of the Christmas Term!

Gladys visited the school on Tuesday 9th December and promised Magic * Comedy * Ventriloquism * Puppets * Games * Prizes * And Lots Of FUN FUN FUN ! * ….and she certainly delivered all of these! 

Her show was chaotic, crazy, interactive and fun packed…. all of which was perfect for the children… and the staff who were there!!

Further information regarding Gladys can be found at her website

[rockyou 128744477] 

Seeing You Go Safely – Be Safe Be Seen

Young people are often hurt on the road because they can’t be seen clearly by other traffic. 

As we approach the shortest day of the year it is a  time when we are reminded of the need to be seen when we are out walking and cycling. The short daylight hours mean that often people are  travelling in poor light conditions, with heavy rain or mist or snow and are more vulnerable to vehicular traffic accidents.
The twilight hours – just before and just after the sun sets are the most dangerous times of all, because drivers’ eyes are adjusting to the changing light. Children are advised to stand out against the gloom by wearing bright  or fluorescent clothes that show up best during the day, particularly in dull or misty weather. However, fluorescent clothing does not work at night –  reflective material works best and shows up in cars’ headlights.

Other travelling advice includes keeping to well-lit routes and crossing roads at safe places, like zebra or pelican crossings.Also if there is no pavement available pedestrians should walk facing the on-coming traffic.

Cyclists can help themselves to be seen by wearing fluorescent or reflective clothes. Bikes must legally have a white light at the front, a red light at the back and a red reflector at the back, during the hours of darkness. Flashing lights on bikes are now legal and do alert drivers to cyclists more easily.  They should be checked regularly to make sure they are in good working order and that the batteries are well charged. 

Lets See you Go safely! Be Safe Be Seen!

Useful Web sites for purchasing high visibility clothing are: &

Tell us what you think about our blog!

The Innerwick Primary web blog has only been up and running for a few months and we are trying to provide you with as much information as we can about the school, about what is/will be happening and giving you a bit of an insight into what the children do with their days at school! 

Is there anything that you think we are missing and could include that would be of use to you?

Are there any changes or improvements that we need to make?

Please let us know what you think! Any comments both positive and negative are appreciated – if we’re doing something wrong and you can have suggestions for improvement please let us know! If you like what we’re doing, again please let us know!

Thank you.  

Rag Bag Appeal

 Innerwick Primary has registered with the Rag Bag Appeal Scheme this week.

 What is the Rag Bag Scheme ?

This is a textile recycling initiative that has been developed to;-

  • Raise awareness about Textile Recycling
  • Increase recycling rates, helping the environment and also helping local authorities to acheive recycling targets
  • Generate funds for schools and charity organisations

The first Innerwick Primary School Rag Bag appeal will take place around April 2009.

The school will be provided with recycling bags that will be sent home with each child. You should fill the bag with any unwanted textiles.  These include adult’s and children’s clothes, paired shoes, hats, bags, belts, curtains, towels and bed linen.  It is important that you remember to pair shoes by tying the laces together, or pair shoes with an elastic band.  The textiles can be of any quality and can include anything that is ripped or even has buttons missing!!! 

The filled recycling bags should then be brought into school. They will then be collected, taken away and weighed and within about 2 weeks the school will receive a cheque based on how heavy the collected textiles were! Rag Bag Appeal pays £300 per tonne for the first two collections.

We hope that you are able to support this initiative and ask that you keep your eyes open for further information early in the New Year. 

Yellow Woods Challenge

Innerwick Primary School is one of the schools within the East Lothian area who are taking part in the Yellow Woods Challenge.


This is an environmental competition run by Yellow Pages, working with the Woodland Trust and our local council.


The aim is to recycle the highest number of old Yellow Pages directories per pupil and win cash prizes for our school. And for every pound Yellow Pages awards to schools, they give a matching pound to the Woodland Trust.


When your new Yellow Pages directory is delivered, please help our school and the environment by recycling your old one. You can recycle the old Yellow Pages by placing it into your kerbside box, but before doing so, please take off the cover of the old one and bring it into school! 
If you do not have a kerbside recycling box, please just bring the whole of your Yellow Pages into school and we will place it into our recycling bags for collection.  
Please ask your family, friends, and community groups to help our school by donating their old directories, too.  

Thank you for your co-operation.



P1/2/3 Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Our P1/2/3 class and their class teacher Miss Bell, recently took part in an active outdoor art lesson in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist who lives in Scotland. He produces sculpture and land art in natural and urban settings and it involves the use of natural and found objects. He creates both temporary and permanent sculptures which draw out the character of their environment.


The P1/2/3 pupils went on a treasure hunt around the school grounds and garden to find as many objects as they could. These included wood, leaves, twigs, stones, rope, branches etc along with the odd piece of material and litter that had blown in!


They created some art work in the school grounds and then went out to the local park and surrounding areas to create other pieces of art and sculpture. They then invited the pupils and staff from the P4/5/6/7 class to go out and search for and look at their work.


When everybody returned to school, the work was then left for the villagers of Innerwick to come across and admire!


Further images of Andy Goldsworthy’s work can be found at


[bubbleshare 511537.0a8b9a908fb]

A rural idyll in East Lothian!