Sacrifice of Isaac Lesson

[youtube wT2n192WWxc]

[youtube 76OfrcYAOKE]

Task: Read pages 4&5 in the Judaism textbook. Watch the two videos, or read the sheet provided.


1. Why do you think Jews still find this story important today?

2. Complete a comiclife of the story. Make it brilliant. Complete the extension if you have time…

EXTN: Watch the third clip. Why is it funny? Is it? It probably has something to do with the fact that few people take seriously the fact that a man was about to kill his own son. Moreover this man is thought of as a moral hero in many of the major faiths. The real question here is about whether God saying something makes it right or not. What do you think? How would you work out what to do in this situation?

[youtube e0WFtvov_qk]