Higher Philosophy Revision Help

Kant Summary:

(for a video of the complete click here)

Classic Utilitarianism Summary:

Look at more recent articulations of utilitarianism too….

Remember the information/headings here are to serve as a reminder, you need to be able to explain all the terms and ideas to pass well… Make sure you know criticisms and strengths of each position and make sure you are able to apply the to any given situation; Practice this.

For example:

In peep show Mark’s ex-fiancé buys him driving lessons so he can drive her to the hospital to have his baby. Unfortunately Mark decides not go to these lessons and three months later receives the phone call asking him to act as chauffeur. Sophie is staying at a country house three hours from the hospital and the taxi operator says she has no spare cars for a similar length of time. Should Mark drive to get her? Discuss with reference to consequentialism and Kantian ethics. [If you want to see what happens it’s on youtube… :)]

If you have enough time, click here and look at the sample paper for the new Moral Philosophy arrangements. Read the marking scheme.