My Judaism Talk

S1 students have been teaching each other about Judaism this week. After a little research they chose a topic to research and presented it to the class. Some of their findings are below:

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  1. My talk was an interactive quiz on a range of topics, and I found introducing a prize [sweets] increases attention levels.


  2. We found the Judaism talks were and effective way to learn about judiasm. Our topic was major festivals and jewish beliefs. We found out that the religion was founded in the Middle east. Their god is named Yhwh. From another talk we found out that the holocaust was a massacre of the the Jews. Over 6 milion jews were killed, it was the nazis that were responsible for this.

  3. CW says…
    I did my judaism talk on the god of judaism. I talked about how jews beleive that there is only one god and that he is everywhere and can do anything. I enjoyed doing the talks because we learned stuff from other peoples as well as reserching and finding out stuff on our own. ;-D

    OG says…
    I did my talk on Moses. I learned alot about him and how he was brought up and how his mum put him in the river Nile! I also learned about the burning bush. It was a very interesting subjct to learn about. 😀

  4. We learned that a lot of Jewish people are quite famous. There are some famous guitarists and actors like Ben Stiller. We also learned more about the holocaust and how the Jews were treated. Another thing we found out was that a Nazi Doctor, Joseph Mengele did a lot of terrible experiments on his prisoners.

  5. LM:i did a presentation on eddie van halen because he is jewish and why he’s a jew. e.t.c (:

  6. We were researching Judaism all together. We learnt that the symbol of the star is to do with judaism is to do with David and his shield and swords. Also we learnt that men and women who are jews were not allowed to marry unless they were marrying another jew. Also moses was a leader of jews .

  7. _+++i think it was really fun the presentations cuz we could learn the stuff ourselves and do it properly on our own accord [^-^]

  8. For the judaism talk we did our on judaism symbols and the Torah. We learnt quite a lot from everyone else’s talks. We found out that they have 13 million followers, that their main symbol is The Star of David and that The Torah is split into 2 parts written and oral.

  9. We learnt that between 11-12 million people follow Judaism.
    They have a different diet to ours, they follow one called Kosher.
    We also were surprised to hear that there are a lot of famous Jews.

    From, Jo and Kirsty 🙂 x

  10. We found that the Jewish talks very helpful to learn about Judaism. We found out that Judaism is a monotheistic religion and it was founded in around 1300BC. They worship in synagogues and believe that God created the world in 6 days. Their symbol is the Star of David. We also found out that Abraham is the traditional founder of Judaism, and their holy book is called the Torah. Their day of rest is the Sabbath, a Saturday.

  11. Hi
    We learned that many Jews suffered in the World Wars more than we knew. We also didnt know that there was so many Jews in the world along with plenty of famous ones. We enjoyed the interactive game and thought that all the keynotes were really good.

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