15 thoughts on “The Experience Machine

  1. no because you would believe your family and friends would be okay in the machine but in reality they might be ill, die, or miss you and also they would think less of you and think you didn’t care about them if you wanted to live in a different world than them, even though you would think the opposite in the machine. you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between what’s “real” or what’s not and you would be living what you want it to, not what it could be. in reality you can get the life you want anyway if you work hard enough, and having too much of what you want is bad for you.

  2. I wouldn’t want to get into the machine because i think that you only want things that you cant have, so if you lived in a world where you were given everything then you wouldn’t ‘ want ‘ things any more. You would be living in a perfect world, but because everything would be as you want the perfect would not exists anymore. I would end up getting bored, as i would be given everything i wanted in front of me , and would have to work for anything. People think of that as there perfect world, but realistically it would be boring not having to do any thing for anything.

  3. I would not enter the “matrix” machine. Yes you would get everything you ever wanted but it would not be real. You wouldn’t know this but I think you would have a constant feeling of want and emptiness, that would haunt you for the rest of your time in the machine. It would be a meaningless existence you could not really achieve anything it would all just be fake.

  4. I wouldn’t go into the dreamworld because I would not like leaving my family and friends for people of my imagination. Humans wan to set goals and try to achieve them and in the machine this would not happen and we wouldn’t have any sense of accomplishment. You would not be able to tell what people are really like as you judge people by how they treat others and the way they react to situations.

  5. jc
    I would not go into the machine because humans are wanting to reach goals and aims and become successful and have a sense of accomplishment however in the machine it is all made up, I would also not want to go into the machine as i would be leaving friends and family behind.

  6. I would not go into the dream world. Even though you think your family is with you the real family would left behind and would have to suffer. Humans want to do things that are difficult because if they achieve them we feel a sense a achievement. But if we went into a dreamworld we wouldn’t be achieving anything. Also if you went into the dreamworld it would be like killing yourself because the person in the dreamworld is just imaginary and not real.

  7. I wouldn’t get into the machine because there would be no point to your life if you got everything you wanted, it wouldn’t be challenging.Also your family and friends in reality would be unhappy because they wouldn’t be able to speak to you.
    What Robert Nozick said doesn’t influence my opinion because I think that in the machine you’d still be yourself.

  8. I think I would like to be put into the machine as I would be eternally happy which is what most people strive to be not only through life but in death. The machine I guess is the same idea as a heaven where anything or anyone you want would be there. Even though it supplies i am still unsure as the idea of completely losing yourself and just becoming an entity bored by happiness.

  9. No, i would not get in the machine because even though it might seem real to you in the machine it is still not real in the real world. In the real world you would just disappear as a real person and it would be just the same as being dead in the real life.

    What robert nozick says about “losing yourself” influences my opinion because i can see that if you go into the machine for ever then you wont ever know any thing that is properly real again.

  10. I don’t think that i would get in the machine because i don’t like the the idea of living in a computer and nothing being real and never being able to leave, being trapped in a dreamworld where there are no challenges or difficulties and no-one else is real, or unpredictable as your brain has created them, and they will never react differently to others.

  11. I do not think I would get in the machine, because it would be like being trapped in a perfect world, if you aren’t allowed to leave then you become less like yourself and more like a computer programme. If everything was perfect then we wouldn’t be able to compare it to the less nice things in life, so it wouldn’t seem as perfect, it would just be normal. So if everything were perfect then it would quickly become boring.
    What Robert Nozick said makes me think about how if you became part of the simulation you would become less like you were and more like what your brain wanted you to be, and this would mean you weren’t really yourself anymore.

  12. No i wouldn’t get in because longing for adventure and achievement as well as the unpredictability of life wouldn’t no longer be present which makes life hardly worth living. The whole world would be revolved around me and the whole notion just doesn’t seem right.
    Robert Nozick’s idea of ‘losing yourself’ did influence this decision because if you lost yourself in this machine, you’d be living a made up life that isn’t real and there’d be no challenges in life you’d have to face in the machine.

  13. No, I wouldn’t get in the machine because you would lose what makes you human. Another reason I wouldn’t get in would be because nothing is real so you wouldn’t actually get anything out of it, although you’d get the experience, you wouldn’t have anything to prove once you’ve done it.

    What Robert Nozick says about ‘losing yourself’ influences my opinion because I would still want to stay myself throughout it and if you were in there forever you’d stop knowing what’s real.

  14. yes because in this world u can do whatever u can think of and u would be made to believe that it is real life which makes u question if the life we are iving is nit a real world

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