Kingdom of Heaven Challenge

Jesus had this massive idea to try and explain to people. To help them get it he gave lots of pictures. Try and work out what you think the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ really is…

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58 thoughts on “Kingdom of Heaven Challenge

  1. I think the kingdom of heaven is like a city. Because jim (southpark) from the sheet says ‘ i think there must be a bit of a clue in the name too … he calls it the kingdom, so what does that tell us about it ‘ and on the other side off the sheet it says ‘ the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed his good seed in his field ‘ which could be saying somebody built it for something or someone. = )

  2. The Kingdom Of Heaven

    The Kingdom of Heaven is unbelievably complicated. Nobody in the world is completely sure what and where the Kingdom of Heaven is. Jesus came up with easier ways for people to understand the Kingdom of Heaven. He made many phrases for the people of the world, some more complicated than others. What he tried to say in every phrase was that the Kingdom of Heaven is ( in some ways) a fortune. It is hard to find and once you have found it don’t be foolish and let it go. Also, you must treat people the same. They may look different on the outside but inside everyone has feelings and deserves a chance. Finally, If you want to succeed in life don’t just wait for it to happen, make it happen!

  3. I think the kingdom of heaven is not real but the idea of it is true. Its more like the people who are in it are all different kinds of people but they treat everyone equally to them. This group of people are small but they are very important.

  4. kingdom of heaven

    the kingdom of heaven is always mentioning how rich poeple can never enter heaven but poor people can. That powerful poeple cant enter heaven but the most humble of children can. I think and think and think but i cant understand what jesus saidin the black box. If someone isnt going to die that must mean jesus is freeing people from life. So life must be considered torture and the kingdom of heaven a bliss.

  5. Jesus meant that the kingdom of heaven was a very special place. Its the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. Its so valuable it’s more valuable than pearls and treasure. Its very rare. You might be looking at it but you can’t see it, but others can see it.. The kingdom of heaven has lots of different people. Everyone is treated equally to each other. It is a very happy place. Only good things are allowed in. Bad things are kept out. The king of the kingdom of heaven is God.

  6. The kingdom of heaven is all around us because if it were a place on earth people would have found it. So we are all ready in heaven. A kingdom is a large gathering of people, houses in an area in the world, a society. The world is one big society so therefore the world is a kingdom. Jesus said many things and they all had secret meanings for instance “ Once again, the Kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish.” This means all people, no matter what race or religion are welcome in the kingdom of heaven.

  7. I think the kingdom of heaven is a place for the people who practise the lessons of god and not just preach them. Like the land-owner who worked in his field-he went out and he earned the profit he got. The kingdom of heaven is for the people who earn it and Jesus said the people would see the kingdom of heaven before you die and i think that this means that people would see before they die that the people who earn what they get are often better off than the people who don’t. He also says that the kingdom of heaven is for the king who prepared a banquet for his son- this would be because HE prepared it and didn’t let someone else take care of it for him he took care of it himself for someone he loved.

  8. i think that god is trying to say that you can go to the kingdome of heavan before you die. that the kingdome is a place where everything that was rong was made right for the people who get to go there. the kingdome is nto something in fantacy it is in reality. the kingdome has to have a king i think that that king will be god. i think he will be a fair ruler. the kingdome is a place for people who never give up on life no matter how little they may have. and people who try and make the best out of things.

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