What was the BIG BANG? 6KU (Int 2 / Higher RMPS)

The Big Bang: What was it? When was it? Why do so many of us believe in it?

You need to answer this as if it was an 6 mark question and be confident that you are going to get full marks. Expect to talk about Hydrogen atoms, gravity, cooling and gases. Obviously you need to give more information than this poster.

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  1. 1- The universe began with an huge hot explosion, it cooled afterwards
    2- It happened 12-15 billion years ago
    3- This event had no specific cause that caused it
    4- Particles were produced which slowly developed into atoms(Hydrogen first then others) and molecules and in time made the universe
    5- All space was created in this first moment
    6- Time did not exist before this point

  2. Big bang theory.
    An effort to explain what happened at the start of the universe. Before the moment of the big bang there was nothing, for then and after there was stuff.
    The universe sprang into existence as ‘singularity’ which ia a state of infinite density and is infinitely small and hot.
    After it appeared it it expanded (and is still expanding) and cooled down, this is known as the big bang, it is commonly misconcepted as an explosion.
    The universe is still expanding from the momentum of the big bang.
    According to calculations from Einstein’s theory of relativity, time and space had a finite beginning that corresponded to the origin of energy.

  3. 1. Describes the early development of the universe
    2. Produced all the elements and subsequently created everything physical
    3. This made all the galaxies
    4. Caused all the galaxies to move further apart (still happening)
    5. Happened abut 13.77 billion years ago
    6. Formed gas clouds made out of nuclei that are still around today

  4. -approx. 13.77 billion years ago
    – the first element produced by the reaction was hydrogen
    – this reaction was the starting point of the whole Universe
    – Georges Lemaitre had an early version of the theory in his “Primeval atom” hypothesis
    – originated from the discovery that all galaxies are moving away from us
    – this means that at one point, everything must have been in one point in the ‘centre’
    – this point is an infinitely dense, infinitely small point called ‘singularity’

  5. Big Bang Theory.

    • The bug bang happened 13.77 billion years ago which it supposedly how old the universe is.
    • Before the bug bang the universe was incredibly hot and it was impossible to have human life. After the explosion happened the universe cooled down.
    • When the explosion happened it caused all the extremely dense particles to fly apart and cause the universe. Right now all the universes are still moving away from the point of the explosion.
    • The newest theory is that the big bang happened by 2 colliding subatomic particles.
    • It is believed that before this explosion neither time nor space existed.

  6. The big bang theory is a theory that attempts to explain how the universe started. It states that the universe began 13.77 billion years ago, it is the most common argument against that God created the universe. The theory states that the universe started as an infinately small and dense entity and contained everything in the known universe. and 13.8 billion years ago this entity exploded and everything inside it started to fly away from the source like shrapnel from an explotion and started to expand and is still expanding today. It should be noted that no-one has proved what started the big bang chain reaction. After the expoltion the universe started to cool and atoms started to form and then protogalxies began to form and then 15 billion years after the big bang the present day universe was formed.

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