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  1. I think this movie is very good. It had a great perspective of how the life of a person with locked In Syndrome feels

  2. This film explores themes of communication barriers, isolation and love. It is very thought provoking and evokes many emotions such as sympathy, sadness, and inpiration. Although very enjoyabl, you will be left thinking about it for hours afterwards.

    Anita, Holly and Emma.

  3. The scene when Jean-do sees his children for the first time since the stroke on the beach as the camera angles and the shot of jean-do on the pier while the tide comes in shows how isolated he feels even while surrounded by his family.

  4. The DIving Bell and the Butterfly is an emotionally heart wrenching film about Jean-Dominique Bauby who suffers from Locked-In Syndrome after a stroke. We see Jean-Do as he is known by his friends try to over come the obstacles of the condition he will have for the rest of his life. We see him overcome his inability to speak through the tedious method of a scribe listing the alphabet and him blinking at the letter he wishes to use. We see his broken relationship with his ex-wife, who still loves him and his lover who can’t bring herself to visit Jean-Do.

  5. This film was really sad and moving. I think that people with locked in syndrome or other similar conditions should have the right to end their life if they want.

  6. The film was strange and moving. I think that people with similar conditions to Jean-Dominique Bauby should not end their life early as there are still many things they can do. Bauby has shown this as he manages to write a book in his paralysed state. Although this film is very inspiring, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  7. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly follows Jean- Dominique Bauby, who after being diagnosed with locked- in syndrome asks for euthanasia. After this, he goes on to write a book and changes his mind about wanting to die.
    The movie makes you question whether euthanasia should be legal. The benefits for euthanasia is it relieves the patient from their suffering. Keeping someone alive can also cost a lot of money, so this may be a lot of money wasted keeping someone alive that doesn’t even want to be alive. Euthanasia can also allow the person to die with dignity and allows the family and friends to watch their loved one suffer for a shorter amount of time. The disadvantages to euthanasia is that, like Jean- Dominique, the person may change their mind, and it may be too late when they do. Euthanasia could also potentially allow doctors to take advantage of the right to give it and start preforming involuntary euthanasia. After watching The Diving Bell and the Butterfly I think euthanasia should only be allowed if the person has been given every other alternative and a while later still wants euthanasia, like the law in the Netherlands says. This makes the risk of the patient changing their mind less.

  8. This film represents how a man can change his mind about death and is able to inspire and change the lives of many even from a paralysed state. Though in a paralysed state of the body, but not in the mind he was able to write a book by using his eyelid as the pencil to paper. Once Jean-Do was on top of the world with being the editor of Elle magazine, Jean-Do wanted to die when he first realised that he had locked in syndrome but the nurse refused to allow him to die, so took it upon herself to make him happier by writing the book getting presents and doing other such things. I personally believe that if a person who is physically disabled wants to die and they do not change their mind within a certain period of time then they should be granted their wish. If you are looking to watch a movie that makes you think about the meaning behind small details within it then this is a great movie to watch, if you do not seek to view a film on these then i would recommend not watching this.

  9. I thought this was a really thought provoking film, it gave a really good insight onto what life can be like for those struggling with conditions like those Jean-Dominique suffers from, showing how isolated he feels. We see him loose the will to live but is refused when he requests to die. He then regain happiness and hope, inspiring him to write a book. This shows us that people can change their mind on their wishes to end their life, an opportunity which would be destroyed if euthanasia was legal.

  10. One has to be prepared both mentally and emotionally to undertake the endeavour of watching this film. The film puts you in the position of Jean-Dominique Bauby a man stuck within the confines of his body due to ‘locked-in syndrome’ brought about by a stroke. This incredibly moving, film injects the reader with sadness. The film raises the question of ‘Is assisted suicide wrong?’. The film attempts to show the amorality of euthanasia as the main character begins his life enslaved to the care of a hospital wishing to die, he however gets over this creed for death and writes a book showing if he would have died he would not have achieved the feat of writing a novel. In my opinion assisted suicide is alright however time must be spent to make the decision upon which a person decides which side of the void they wish to be on. This film is not nice, it has no lovely ending, it is created for analysis. I would speak up highly against watching this film for any other reason.

  11. This film triggers all manner of emotional and moral questions in the mind of the audience. An incredibly moving film, it brings into question the age old idea that suicide or assisted suicide is morally wrong in every situation. Jean-Dominique Bauby’s situation meant that life was no longer experienced in the way commonly experienced by the rest of humanity but smothered and detached from those around him. Living as he kew it was over and the rest of his hospitalised life was mainly comprised of suffering and frustration at being unable to express himself. Initially he wanted to kill himself but as the film progressed he focuses more of his attentions towards the writing of his book and becomes more engrossed in that . However, I believe that given the option, Bauby would have committed suicide. The only reason he didn’t was simply because he was unable to because of our hypocritical political system. For a society that preaches equality and freedom, it seems rather backward to deny someone the right to do what they want with their body. Therefore, I believe that people like Bauby should be given the option of euthanasia.

  12. This is a very interesting film, and can be seen to represent a case of whether or not euthanasia should be legal. this is due to the fact that the movie tells the tale of Jean-Dominique Bauby who was once the editor of Elle magazine,but suffers a stroke and is almost fully paralysed. At first Jean-Do just wants to die, until a nurse changes his mind and he ends up writing an amazing book. This is a great example of why euthanasia should not be legal, as life is never fully over, people always have the potential to do something inspiring. However you could argue that euthanasia should be legal, because it should be the persons choice as to how they want to live their life, or not live their life, as it would be cruel to make them live their life against their will. I would highly recommend this movie if you are looking for a touching, thought provoking,tear jerking experience.

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