End of S4 Euthanasia responses…

Having watched the two videos and thought about some of the arguments, you should be in a place where you can give a reasoned response to the question posed by the cases of Tony Nicklinson and Diane Pretty.

Guardian on law change in Scotland

Telegraph on Tony Nicklinson 

BBC on A campaign to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland.


8 thoughts on “End of S4 Euthanasia responses…

  1. I think euthanasia should be enforced in the form of the euthanasia rollercoaster, as this provides an exciting and euphoric end to one’s life. I also think that once you get over the age of 85 this should be mandatory as this would save great amounts of NHS spending, and it would set a standard bar for everyone to live up until. This euthanasia rollercoaster could also be made available to anyone that is terminally ill and has consulted several doctors so that they are completely convinced that they have nothing more to live for. This would be the best way of dealing with all the people that want to die.

  2. I think euthanasia should be legalised as people should have the right to die with dignity, when they want to, if they have a terminal illness or an illness that effects their quality of life. If people aren’t happy with their life, they should be able to make the decision to die rather than live every day of their life wishing to die, being uncomfortable and/or unhappy.

  3. I do believe that Euthanasia should be legalised because I think people do deserve to end their own lives if death is already on the way soon. I do understand where the opposition is coming from when they think that people will become out of control with the option. However i thing that the people should be trusted and this choice should be tried.

  4. Euthanasia should be allowed but the requests to have assisted suicide should be put through a court to prevent euthanasia for unnecessary reasons, and in such cases an alternative solution is found which would be better and more effective than euthanasia.

  5. My views on euthanasia is that if people feel uncomfortable in this world is better for them to leave the earth rather then living in pain, I think that it should be legalised, it is up to the person that feels this way to decide on what he or she is feeling about it and what they want to do about it.

  6. We believe assisted suicide should be legalised in Scotland. This is because people with locked in syndrome shouldn’t have to be made to endure their life any longer than they want, if the quality of their life is poor.

  7. i believe that euthanasia should be legalised because i think that people do deserve to have the option to die if death is imminent and if you are deemed unable to live alone. However I do see what the opposition are saying when they say we cannot trust the public to go crazy with this right, I do think that we should at least try this choice out.

    M. A.

  8. From the two films and documentaries we watched about Jean-Do Bauby and Tony suffering from locked-in syndrome, my opinion is that Euthanasia should be made legal in the UK. If the patient wishes to die a peaceful, painless death, then they should be granted the freedom to choose this.
    The main benefits of making Euthanasia legal are that it gives the patient a choice and decreases the suffering felt by the patient and the patient’s family.
    However, a danger is that if someone is diagnosed with a terminal disease and they still want to try and live for as long as possible, then they may feel that it is almost like their job to die. They also may feel like they are wasting their doctors’ time and also the money of their family if the treatment is not going to keep them alive in the long run.
    If I had to vote, I would choose to make Euthanasia legal.

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