Kingdom of Heaven Challenge 2015

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Jesus had this massive idea to try and explain to people. To help them get it he gave lots of pictures. Try and work out what you think the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ really is…

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15 thoughts on “Kingdom of Heaven Challenge 2015

  1. The kingdom of heaven is not a physical place. Jesus who is basically the God will let anyone in as long as they believe in God and follow the path of righteousness. All of the drawings clearly show that the smallest thing in something makes it what it is e.g. If you don’t have yeast in bread, the bread will not rise and if a man does not follow the path of righteousness then he will not be let into the kingdom of heaven. Some think that the kingdom of heaven is all around us as long as we are happy and have good emotions. It’s like when a child is happy they think everything is perfect so the speech bubble saying the kingdom of heaven is there before we die basically means that we are always in the kingdom of heaven as long as we are happy.

  2. The kingdom of heaven is within us and everyone has the chance to enter. However, we have to pass many trials to get in and the kingdom begins in a very small way, so many people will not notice it. But others are determined and willing to give everything up to enter the kingdom of heaven. To get into the kingdom of heaven we have to make the right choices and follow Jesus’ parables, we have to be forgiving and hard working to enter the kingdom of heaven. Finally, God makes a judgement wether the person is worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven or not.

  3. The kingdom of heaven is a place that we can’t see but we can experience it before we die. All the happiest occasions and time we spend with people we love oiled be called the kingdom of heaven.Everyone is in this kingdom no matter their size, sex or colour no matter if your good or bad. The kingdom is like a big place of happiness and live so if everyone was nice to each other everyone would be happy .

  4. Kingdom of heaven.

    “Once again the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish.”

    This net or the fisherman is like Jesus. He will accept anyone in to the kingdom of heaven. No matter about the colour of skin, nationality, background or criminal record. But they can only enter the K.O.H if they believe in God and his Righteousness. The kingdom of heaven is home to love, patience, kindness and trust. But there is a second meaning. This is that the kingdom of heaven is inside everyone. They may choose to go by the rules or disobey it. Our mind and heart are our kingdom of heaven as they can decide what action you will do. These actions will have an impact on whether it will be easy or hard to get into the kingdom of heaven. Rich people who have everything and give nothing back, will find it harder to get in and will be treated as “lesser people” because they were selfish and greedy. Those people who have really nothing but are grateful and follow Gods righteousness, will be treated like “kings” in the kingdom of heaven.
    Some of gods righteousness include: doing good deeds for no price, loving enemies as you love yourself and treat others the way you would want to be treated. Believe in Gods rules and The K.O.H will be a place for you to spend an eternal life with the creator: God.

  5. RE Paragraph

    The kingdom of heaven is an idea of a place or a thing. By reading the two speech bubbles that say “the kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough” and “the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field” gave me the impression that the kingdom of heaven is something that starts out small and then ends up into something good and bigger than before. With this I thought more about it and came up with the idea that the kingdom of heaven is not in fact a place but something within ourselves that we have to reach. And like a mustard seed, when you’ve planted the idea, the idea or thought grows and grows until (if there is an end of the growing of the kingdom of heaven) it stops growing and you have the finished result, i.e. The mustard tree. The word kingdom makes me thing of somewhere save and big, but the way Jesus represents it is almost as if only selected people will reach this safe kingdom. I then compared the kingdom to kingdoms in a fairy tale as they are normally represented as a secret magical place that you have to look for and it won’t just jump out at you.

  6. I believe that the kingdom of heaven is an idea and an understanding. This thought is explained through stories and metaphors for people to imagine it. “Kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed into his field” a clue to the idea that in order to properly crest big things you have to start with something small. I have come to the conclusion that the kingdom of heaven is a term that people ‘enter’ when they realise more does not mean better. For example Jesus said “whoever takes the lowly position of a child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven” and he means that by thinking and starting humble you, with time, become a better and bigger person and have entered the kingdom of heaven. The quote “Kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman who took and mixed into sixty pounds of flour until it worked through the dough” supports the idea by suggesting that the smallest thing is what matters most and can bring colossal amounts of good things (in this case yeast being the humble yet most important thing and the outcome being loafs of bread). I also found this meaning in “the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took and planted in his field” once again Jesus talks about how something small flourishes and grows into a something massive. Also in these quotes I see the theme of working hard and being patient and this is another aspect to the kingdom of heaven. So in conclusion I believe the kingdom Of heaven is an understanding of being humble, patient and hard working. Only once you are these things will you enter the kingdom of heaven and become and bigger and better (not in status) person

  7. the Kingdom of heaven is a place where every one is excepted and everyone except other’s. it’s a place where your hard work pays off in life and you can relax. So for example is a fishing net which caches a sort of fish gay,Cristian,black,white,Chinese,Indian,and all the rest which has worked hard and believed to find peace, but the net can also catch those how are lot’s and put them on the write track so the church is basically a community setter. Where sin’s can be relieved.

  8. Jesus meant that the Kingdom of heaven is a place where all kinds people who are willing to be: humble, trusting, and willing to give up everything can enter. its a reward for being a good responsible citizen in your life. Anyone Who is willing can enter the kingdom of heaven but it may take time and effort to achieve. Once found it will be the greatest thing in your life time

  9. I think the kingdom of heave means that everyone needs to be many thing such as, being generous to others, and not thinking about the negative things In life, and not to worry about what will happen in the future. It is as if you have to make sure you live everyday like you want to live it, like you do when you are a child. Another thing is that we have to value important things in life, but to find these valuable things you have to earn it. If you steal you can not enter the Kingdom of heave, because you need to always be trustworthy, and loyal. People that are very rich, normally take their money for granted, in a way that they hunk money is everything, although when you are poor, you take care if your money, and you make sure you send it on something that you need, not something that you want. My final thought on the kingdom of heave is that most people want such big things, that they don’t actually need. The kingdom of heave is a place for people that don’t commit crimes, or want to upset people in any way. It is for kind and generous people.

  10. The Kingdom of heaven is an idea or a belief. The sheet we used in class had some clues to what the kingdom of heaven is, one of which is “the kingdom of heaven is like a good man who sowed good seed in his field…”
    “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took and planted in his field” I think these represent the fact that the kingdom of heaven is something that started out quite small but has turned into some really good and really big now.

  11. I think Jesus is saying that the kingdom of heaven is not a physical place after you die, it is a form of enlightenment. A kingdom doesn’t need to be a physical place, it can consist of a leader (god) and his followers, people who have reached enlightenment. The main hint Jesus gave about this was when he said ” the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, when a man found it, he hid it again, and then his joy he went and sold all he had and bought the field” I think he means the treasure is enlightenment, when a man reached he sold all his material goods and abandoned his old life and all his respect,” truly I tell you unless you become like little children ( least respected and powerful in society) you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. To follow god and join all the other people who have been enlightened, although not physically.

  12. Think about it this way; The Kingdom of Heaven is your very own place. It’s unique. It’s one of a kind. Heaven could be what you propose it to be. Therefore God may be trying to tell the world that Heaven is in your soul. Heaven is where you go when you die — yes, that could be true, but in a different way. The Kingdom is your very own personal Heaven.

  13. I’ve never really been good at exsplain my thoughts but I found that the Kingdom of Heaven is not what allot of people belive. That God is not real in the sence of a massive being of glory but more of a thought, if you belive in him he exsists with in you and that the Kingdom of Heaven is not a place you go it’s a thing with in you like a stat of mind that only cam and cind people can reach this stat of mind.

  14. I found that – through the reading of the samples – that: Jesus was proposing a blueprint for a society here on earth – and that that society should , rather than being ruled by absolute laws, should be ruled by the will of god.

    Jesus said that: “some of you standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of god.” This means that – too Jesus – the “kingdom of heaven” is a sort of state of being here on earth – and perhaps a society. The idea being that we would all follow the will of god by looking inside ourselves – rather than blindly following laws.

    Jesus said that: “woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees,” “you shut the door on the kingdom of heaven.” This implies that the failure of the current society is in its laws. Historically societies have often been damaged by outdated laws – be it: tax, social, restrictions on speech. Jesus is saying that we should be – instead of following inflexible laws – following the will of god. This is because morality; is not a straight path. It’s an ever changing maze – one direction will not guide you through the moral maze. This means that laws will not help.

    Finally Jesus described this place as a: “kingdom.” This at first glance seems odd. The Idea of a “nation” of heaven would have been familiar to Jesus. Or even the republic of heaven – as the romans were founded as one – would have been a concept known in palestine. But no, he chose a kingdom – and this implies on final thing; that that king is god. If one thinks of their king as being god, and not a mere mortal – in jesus’s eyes – then one has a guiding force. Jesus is implying that society should submit to god – and his will rather than being run by tirnachial men. God is ever loving and caring – making him – according to jesus the Ideal leader.

    – (side note this is kind of interesting because of you translate the word “Islam” it means submission, and a lot of early Muslim ideas is about being freed from men too the will of god. MAking the religions not as different as you might think)

  15. Jesus once compared the Kingdom of Heaven to merchants looking for fine pearls. He stated that heaven was Earthly, common and in plain sight, for the common people. This forms the backbone of the Kingdom of Heaven. However, this view is paradoxical as he also stated that the rich are less likely to find it. The rich are able to travel to more places and see more things, so heaven is unlikely to be a physical place, and so is an ideal or a goal. Poor people are those who have suffered from the negative side of society, and so are perhaps more likely to be considerate and more likely to be able to build a perfect world. This fits with the comparison to a man planting good seed in a field. The man is God, the field Earth. God planted small seeds, that went wrong along the way, but then blossomed into something perfect. This is furthered by a quotation from the bible regarding a man buying a whole field for a pot of Gold inside it. He trades away everything he has, and goes into poverty, but due to the pot of gold, he turns out better off than before. It says that you must sacrifice temporary good to build a better future Perhaps this is what Christianity is all about. The poor are further along this cycle than the rich, so are likely to reach the Kingdom of Heaven sooner. To his disciples, Jesus said that the secrets of this goal had been given to them, but no-one else. His disciples were loyal, good and poor, and so they have been given the secrets of how to live a good life. It is like a woman mixing in yeast to sixty pounds of flour. It is hard work, but Christianity is an ideal goal.The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place. It is not an afterlife, or even a state of mind. The Kingdom of Heaven is a world, our world. It is our future, all around us and worth working towards.

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