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  1. I think euthanasia should be legalised as people should have the right to die with dignity, when they want to, if they have a terminal illness or an illness that effects their quality of life. If people aren’t happy with their life, they should be able to make the decision to die rather than live every day of their life wishing to die, being uncomfortable and/or unhappy.

  2. Hi , just a question. I sat the higher exam this year. The first question part (a) asked for religous views on th death penalty . I used the example of Old Testament vs New Testament . However , my question lies on part (b) which said “evaluate these religous view”
    . I criticised the view agreeing with th death penalty saying it is not a powerful deterrent , releases people of guilt , miscarriages of justice. The view against th death penalty I said , prison is expensive , deters criminals from crime , more humane less suffering in prison. Did I approach this question correctly . I gave the general weaknesses of anti death penalty and death penalty

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