Higher Moral Philosophy Revision – Kant Slides

For all of you waiting for the Kant slides for revision (I know there’s a copy below but it doesn’t have everything), they will be up soon. Sorry I forgot that we can’t get into hotmail from work so they’ll be up after rugby at the end of the day. Just press on with Utilitarianism and Emotivism and you’ll be fine. A couple of folk have come to see me already, so don’t forget you can do that if you get stuck with any it… remember: strengths, criticisms, what you think and why you think it…happy studying…

Michael Scott and Moral Luck

This lesson in based on an episode of the American version of The Office. Michael is convinced he has had another great idea. But has he…



Michael thinks he has a great idea? is it?
What does Jim mean when he says ‘free paper’?
Why does Michael try to hide his costume?
Why does everyone stick up for Dwight?
What is ‘moral luck’?
How does it influence our comparisons/evaluations of Kant & Utilitarianism?