What was the BIG BANG? 6KU (Int 2 / Higher RMPS)

The Big Bang: What was it? When was it? Why do so many of us believe in it?

You need to answer this as if it was an 6 mark question and be confident that you are going to get full marks. Expect to talk about Hydrogen atoms, gravity, cooling and gases. Obviously you need to give more information than this poster.

Today’s Int 2 RMPS Prelim Revision Lunch

Today we had a revision lunch for int 2 rmps students about to sit their prelims after the holiday. It was focussed on the Buddhism section of the course and we talked about the eightfold path, meditation and the unit as a whole…

First of all I gave you the page numbers and questions (from the Joe Walker book Buddhism) to practice on your weak areas:

Then we looked at my (purposely incomplete) mindmap of the whole unit:

And the talked quickly through an easy way to remember the eightfold path…

and meditation:

Click on any of the images above to get the files….

Cheers Cheers…

Moral Dilemmas – S3 Int 2 Buddhism

You are now all experts on how Buddhists try to make moral decisions. I have left a dvd and handout for you to have a look at. With the teacher watch one of the clips (of your choice) and spend the rest of the first period using the handout to work out whether a Buddhist would (in your opinion) approve of the action portrayed.

In the second period collect a laptop and type up your response and post it below. Remember first names only. You will need to consider everything on the handout.

skilful actions handout