The Real Meaning of Jihad…


The word ‘jihad’ is becoming increasingly used in news, on the internet and even in films like Matt Parker and Trey Stone’s Team America. Your task is to research an example where someone has claimed that a violent act is somehow justified in Islam and to use everything you know about Islam to decide wheter or not you think this claim is well-founded.

Your answer should include a substantial description of the event itself, an account of your understanding of Islam’s teachings on violence and, finally, an evaluation of whether you think ‘true’ Islam would approve of the actions you have described. You should give balanced reasons for your answer.


Good Luck.


S1 picture of The Buddha Homework

Here’s the picture of all the things we talked about in class. I thought I’d rubbed off the neck bit so don’t worry about that… The six things to look for are:

the hair

the mouth

the eyes

the ears

the third eye

the calm area around his awakened mind

Try and make sure the picture you find shows at least four of these.

My Judaism Talk

S1 students have been teaching each other about Judaism this week. After a little research they chose a topic to research and presented it to the class. Some of their findings are below:

The real meaning of Jihad

After watching the short clip from Team America: World Police you will a certain understanding (and importance)  of this word is assumed. The word Jihad is now used massively, often meaning very different things. Your task:


Describe what happens in the clip you have seen. What do the characters seem to understand the word Jihad as referring to?


Consider the way it is used on at least five websites and summarise your findings. This will provide a context for learning about what Islam itself teaches about Jihad.