Shooting Dogs / Beyond the Gates

In April 1994, after the airplane of the Hutu President of Rwanda is shot down, the Hutu militias slaughter the Tutsi population. In the Ecole Technique Officielle, a Catholic priest Christopher and the idealistic English teacher Joe Connor lodge two thousand and five hundred Rwandans refugees, under the protection of the Belgian UN force and under siege by Hutu militia. When the Tutsi refugees are abandoned by the UN, they are murdered by the extremist militia.

Based on a true story. The exhausted Catholic priest (Hurt) and a young idealistic English teacher (Dancy) finds themselves caught in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. They must now choose whether to stay with the thousands of Tutsis about to be massacred or to flee for safety. (IMDB)

S5 The Trolley Problem

Cover class for 23-25 Feb…

After watching the video answer the following questions in your notebook:

1 Would you change the points to kill one but save five?

2 Is this the same or different to leaving the points if the train was going to hit the one not the five? Why?

3 Would you push your big-boned friend to save the five?

4 What about if the guy was on a trap-door and you had a remote control and were sitting in front of a screen in a far away place? Is that different?

5. Do you find Singer’s evolutionary account satisfactory? Why/why not?

6 Most of us object to the thought of a doctor deciding to sacrifice one patient to save five others by harvesting the deceased’s organs. Try and square this with you answer to 1.

7 Illustrate your answers.

S3 Int2 ‘Human Condition’ Task

The age of man is over
A darkness comes at dawn
These lessons that we’ve learned here
Have only just begun”

‘The Human Condition’ is a phrase that is used widely in the study of Religion & Philosophy. Today we will have a think about what it means and try to work out what 30 seconds to mars are suggesting about it.

For homework you will need to find another song which offers something in this area as well as an answer unpacking what you think the writer is saying. Best of luck.

Remember ‘prove it from the text’ just like you would in English.

Nietzsche & Christianity

Here are the slides from today’s class… I will post up the Jesus and the Marilyn Manson ones soon so you can make your comparisons. Below is the video we watched part of in class with quotes from The Antichrist. The comments are ridiculous. Don’t waste your time.