Cosmological Arguments

Keynote slides:

cosmological arguments

Revision Questions: cosmological-arguments-revision-questions-i

Videos supportin the Cosmological Arguments Section:

The Evidence of Cosmology – Wm Lane Craig

The Kalam Cosmological Argument – Introduction

The Kalam Cosmological Arg. – A Fallacy of Composition?

[slideshare id=1020508&doc=cosmological1-1234126933304341-3]

Homework tasks:

‘Schoolboy’ Objection Video: Unfortunately this guy gets cosmological and teleological confused. Can you spot the problem with his objection? (ignore the comments) jb

Perhaps a better objection, but potentially confusing. Not Necessary for the exam.

Summary video: Might help you revise? For A Level, but still useful.

Summary mindmap.

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