IB Philosophy Readings / Help

Helpful Resources:

‘Writing a really good philosophical essay…’ handout:

Core Theme

Nietzsche On the Genealogy of Morality CUP
Leiter Nietzsche on Morality Routledge

Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy (3rd Ed.) Hackett

Vardy An Introduction to Kierkegaard Baker


Moral Philosophy


Benn Ethics: Fundamentals of Philosophy (Dr Piers Benn) Routledge
Singer A Companion to Ethics (Blackwell Companions)  WB

Philosophy of Religion

Davies An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion 9780199263479 OUP £21.00

On the internet:

It might be the first time I’ve said anything negative about another site but please, especially my guys, don’t go anywhere near this wordpress blog. It’s meant to be a portal with the IB Philosophy arrangement documents. Unfortunately they’re the old ones which could result in a rather nasty shock when entering the exam. There’s nothing of use except scanned pdf files of a document that is available on the IB site.

This site, though quite hard to navigate and aesthetically displeasing, has some good quality information and even links to flashcard sites to aid in your revision. Much of the slides take a lot of clicks to get to, but are largely useful. Perhaps best is the ‘Philosophy Images‘ page which would be incredibly useful for practicing for the Core Theme section of the exam.

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