Int2 / Higher RMPS*

Existence of God Unit

Morality in the Modern World Unit

Buddhism Unit

Other Useful Resources:

A Really Useful Page For Revision, courtesy of Meldrum Academy.

New Outcomes for Int 2: new-int-2-outcomes

Other Useful

Revision Workbook given out in class (fill in the gaps to ensure all topics are covered. (int 2 revision pack)

AE Revision Help

If you’ve ever wondered the sorts of things that make for perfect AE questions, use this to revise for the exams…

*A Word on Textbooks

All these presentations and resources are designed to compliment the excellent textbooks by Joe Walker.

They should be available in your classroom and it would be well worth purchasing them. It would make passing the Higher or Int 2 exam a great deal easier. There are past questions, exam technique coaching and some very helpful explanations of very difficult ideas.

Coming Soon: Science & Religion…

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  1. This website is very helpful since there isn’t really much else on the internet. I want to thank you for posting up the information however, I really need more help with the science work so when will that be coming on?

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