Part One: The Human Condition

The Life of a Prince to a ‘Human Condition’ Presentation:

Mara, and exactly how ‘all is suffering’ presentation:

Part Two : The Goals

Nirvanna, Karma & Compassion Slides:

click here

Wheel of Life Sheet: (Download)

Part Three: The Means

The 5 Precepts presentation:


Meditation Handout:

Other Resources Used:

buddhanet.net: great website for revising the wheel of life or samsara…

Dhammapada selections specified by the SQA – dhammapada-refs

‘Conditioning’ Lesson – The Heist

Lesson Slides (link only activated at revision time)

Excellent Buddhism Glossary courtesy of  Meldrum Academy (click here)

Download your free copy of the Dhammapada here.

Wheel of Life Page

shameless episode used for vinnana

Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre Website

New Revision Idea:

Print out this handout and try and fill in the gaps; you will need to write pretty small. It should make you aware of any gaps pretty quickly.

buddhism mindmap

Student-made Resources Page

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