Expounding Reality – The essence of Buddhism??

Now we have finished the majority of the Buddhism course, you will be able to undertake this next project. One of the reasons Buddhism has been widely embraced in the West is ‘that it is in fact largely true’ (Keone). As such similar ontological claims are often made all around us, sometimes in places we might not expect. Your task is to find a song that fits with one of the ‘way things are’ claims of Buddhist teaching and create a music video for it with iMovie. Previous artists chosen include Idlewild & POD.

Mountains wouldn’t part for me,
They have no uncertainty,
I’m just a passing… emotion,
Just hoping they take notice,
And you are an opportunity,
Without an opportunity,
Another passing… emotion

– Idlewild

Define the riddles of my mind
Nothing is really what it seems

Do you see what I see?
And can you hear what I hear?
Do you feel like I feel?
Can’t stop Sleeping Awake


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