Intro: Million Dollar Baby

what happens next? – Million Dollar Baby Montage – used in class.

Other Resources used:

Ali G: The ‘Youth in Asia’

Case Study: Eddie Kovaks

Mary Warnock on the case of Daniel James (The Guardian)

here’s a one-slide summary of Mary Warnock’s chapter on Death in ‘An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Ethics’

warnock on death summary

Wordle contents for mind-map task (

Jamie’s much more beautiful version (wordle)


Diagnosis Murder Comprehension Questions: diagnosis-questions

Selected Slides

Other Useful Resources

Church of Scotland website – publications on Euthanasia (read the updates too) – Care Not Killing Charity

Roman Catholic Church – Declaration on Euthanasia

BBC Website on Euthanasia – very good – contains most, but not all, of what you need to know. Use it.

Full Slides



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