S2 Christianity

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  1. My daughter is studying higher RMPS and cannot get the concept of Christianity,
    she informs me that she needs an example plan but her teacher refuses to acknowledge this, is there anyway you can helP

  2. The Kingdom of heaven is a tricky concept to get to grips with so to make this easier Jesus tried to explain it through a series of complex analogies such as follows.
    Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle debts with his servants. I think this means that God being king in this analogy wants to reward humans for their service so he gives us heaven. He said heaven was like a net that was let down to catch all kinds of things, this means there is no discrimination of race in heaven. He said heaven was like a landowner who went out early to get farmers for his vineyard. I take this to mean that only those who are up early can get into Gods vineyard, Heaven. Most importantly, I think, he says that some who were standing would taste the kingdom of heaven before death. This is revolutionary as it reveals the fact that the kingdom of heaven is not an afterlife and can be reached from the living. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son, this could be taken to mean that heaven is something we all come to eventually and when we do it will be glorious. Jesus said to reach heaven we must first become like little children, this could mean that we all must be completely innocent and care free. So to finalise the kingdom of heaven can be reached by anyone, living or dead and is a glorified reward for humanities services on earth.

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