Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu shows each of us how to transform our pain and sorrow into hope and confidence in the future” – NELSON MANDELA

Apartheid on the Web:

UN – Apartheid in Pictures


The Man Himself:

Clip 1 – Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize

Clip 2 – We are all family…

Clip 3 – What is Forgiveness? The TRC up close and personal.

Closing Clip – International Relations and the necessary blood-bath.

Class Discussion Questions:

What was Apartheid? What was it like?

In Video Clip 1, What did Tutu say would have become of South Africa, had the oppressed sought retribution?

In Video Clip 2, Why does Tutu say “God is not a Christian”? What does it matter if we are all family?

In Clip 3, What is forgiveness for Tutu? Why does it matter?

Slides for revision.


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