The Future of Knox Academy Cadet Force

A difficulty has arisen regarding the presence of firearms at the school during Cadet Force evening sessions.  The Knox Academy Parent Council have been in touch with Mrs Craig regarding this.  Discussions are ongoing and the following statement is a status update:

Thanks to all the parents who have contacted us regarding the rumoured closure of the Cadets at Knox Academy. We have registered a note of concern with Mrs. Craig but know from previous correspondence that the school has a real concern regarding the presence of firearms on site. As it currently stands the school and the MOD are working together to get a positive resolution. We understand an open letter will be forwarded to members of the school community before the end of term.

Since this statement was made, an article has appeared in the Scotsman newspaper which can be read by clicking here.

Update: Since the above statement was issued, the Knox CCF has closed.  The school and MOD have issued a joint open letter which can be read by clicking here.

Note: During the recent site maintenance a few comments and some parts of this post inadvertently disappeared.  It is believed that everything has now been restored.

3rd of February Update:Thanks to all who submitted comments on this topic, which were very informative.  We have now closed this post to further comments.

Parents’ Meeting with Don Ledingham

On the 8th of December parent representatives of the East Lothian Association of Parent Council Members (ELAPCM) met with Don Ledingham (Director of Children’s Services and Education).

Don had requested the meeting in order to update us about the current budget planning for the next few years and the strategy for passing control of schools to trust organisations.  The full minutes of the meeting can be read by clicking the link below.  As always, comments are very welcome.


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