Knox Cadets Update

The PSP is very aware of the strength of feeling about the reported closure off the Knox CCF (Combined Cadet Force) and have presented the views received via our blog and by other means to the school. The topic was discussed at length at the PSP meeting of the 4th Feb which was attended both by Mrs. Craig and Provost Richardson. As a result of the meeting, the Parent Members were happy to support the position of the head on the following points:

1) The PSP parent members support the head teacher in enforcing East Lothian Education department’s policy of no firearms (live or disabled) on school premises.

2) The PSP parent members believe that it is entirely reasonable for the head teacher to decline the role of Commander in Chief of the CCF.

This said, the PSP is still keen to see the continuance of the CCF at Knox if this is at all possible. To this end we are, along with others, intending to investigate whether some compromise can be found with the MOD that will enable the force to continue, subject to the above caveats.