School Website Additions

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We have been working hard with the school over the past few months to look at ways of making its website more useful and accessible for both pupils and parents. This will be is covered in some detail in the next edition of Knox News, but we are particularly pleased at the move towards each department having its own section on the site. In time, departments will be able to post a range of curriculum materials on their pages, such as class materials, revision materials, lesson resources Continue reading School Website Additions

Home Economics Cooking

A number of parents have recently contacted us regarding the provision of materials for HE classes at the school. We took their queries to the PSP meeting on the 10th of March and Mrs. Craig informed us that she had already been made aware of the problem. Mrs. Craig assured us that the issue that had affected the availability of materials, for some HE classes, has now been resolved and that pupils should not notice any further disruption.

On behalf of the PSP, I’d like to thank those parents who got in touch with us on this topic and am pleased to report that the school was already on the case.