School Website Additions

Sign up! Sign up!

We have been working hard with the school over the past few months to look at ways of making its website more useful and accessible for both pupils and parents. This will be is covered in some detail in the next edition of Knox News, but we are particularly pleased at the move towards each department having its own section on the site. In time, departments will be able to post a range of curriculum materials on their pages, such as class materials, revision materials, lesson resources and useful internet links etc. This is something which we know many of you have been hoping to see for some time. Not only will it help you support your child in their learning, it will also be a great help the next time the dog eats that critical homework sheet!

There is also now an option to sign up to a system which delivers news from the school website direct to your e-mail Inbox, making it easier for us all to stay in touch with what’s going on. Much like the sign–up option on our own site, this will send you the latest items posted on the school site covering general news items, sports and other extra-curricular updates and, in time, updates from the various departments.

It is widely recognised that keeping parents involved with and up to date with what’s going on in their school brings many benefits to pupils, parents and the school as a whole. So, if you have not already done so, we would urge you to sign up now! Please do so via the front page of the school website (look out for the Mailchimp box on the left hand side) or visit