S1 Parents’ Evening

Several parents have asked why the s1 parents’ evening is held so early on in the year. It seems that, some years ago, the parents requested an early meeting so that they knew who would be teaching their children and how the children were progressing before too much time had passed.

However, some parents are not too happy with this arrangement. The children have not met all their teachers so early on in the year, and there is a wait of about 18 months before the next parents’ evening. They would prefer a meeting in the summer term, when all the teachers have had chance to get to know the children thoroughly.

What are your views? Do you like the current arrangement or would you like it to be changed? Let us know your views and we can present them to the school. You can submit a comment to this article.


9 thoughts on “S1 Parents’ Evening”

  1. I am glad that this has come up. I would prefer a later date in the year. Surely it must be easier for staff and more informative for parents. So yes please this must be a good move for all.

    (I can see how parents like to be reassured in the first term that their child is adapting to High school but I would feel confident that staff would inform me should there be a problem.)

    Thank you.

  2. I agree with Jenny’s views, it’s better for both the children and the teachers if they know more about one another and can therefore offer a more personal assessment later in the year.
    I felt that no real insight into my child as an individual could be offered as not enough time had passed to make that possible, a general ‘doing well’ or ‘settled in well’ was the usual comment given.
    If there are concerns on either side, this can be raised individually.

  3. As a parent who was new to Knox, I did appreciate the parents evening as well as the early presentation to parents on the ciriculum. However, looking back I can see that some comments about my daughter were quite superficia and a later meeting would have provided more insight. I also hadn’t realised that it would be 18 months to the next one. So yes, I agree the parents evening was too early.

  4. I feel that the parents’ evening is too early – the teachers have not had a chance to get to know the children well enough to make any real comment on their work or performance. In addition, there are teachers that the children will not see until the 2nd and 3rd terms, and so there is no chance to meet these teachers at all during first year.

    Also, the system of booking appointments is pretty poor, getting the children to book what appear to be a limited number of appointments – we only got to see 4 teachers at the last parents’ evening, when clearly we’d like to see everyone teaching out daughter.

  5. As a new parent to high school the early meeting was quite useful however I didn’t realise that it would be 18 months until we met the teachers again. It would be useful in 1st year to have another opportunity to meet teachers at the end of the year.

  6. I agree with the previous comments. The early meeting was useful but ideally there should be another opportunity to meet all teachers over the period, and to hear about progress over the year, as well as discussing potential issues going forward into S2.

  7. I am also a new parent to high school and found the early meeting useful and encouraging but I think another meeting later in the year would also be very beneficial as different subjects are on the timetable and it would be useful to hear how they have progressed over the year. Thank you.

  8. As a new parent to Knox it would be nice to know how my child is doing early on. However, I do see the benefit in a parents meeting in the summer term when teachers have a more accurate picture of my child and would prefer this option. I too, would hope that if there is a problem this is picked up on and an earlier meeting arranged.

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