Knox Academy Cadets Update

At last week’s Parent School Partnership meeting the Provost, Sheena Richardson, read out the following statement:

A Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Contingent is an educational partnership between a school and the Ministry of Defence.  For such a partnership to function to proper effect, the senior management team of the School must be closely and enthusiastically involved in the governance of the Contingent (or indeed the governance of any partnership with another Contingent).  These moral preconditions do not describe the situation with the Knox Academy CCF Contingent and therefore, the MoD must, with huge regret, endorse the Head’s decision to close the CCF.

However, the offer to form a closed detachment of Army Cadet Force (ACF) remains – a detachment based upon a school and whose membership is limited to pupils at the school.  This would be subject to further discussion and agreement by:

  • the school (brokered by the Provost and the Parents’ Group),
  • the existing Contingent Commander to take on the role of ACF Detachment Commander, and others including parents joining the ACF to assist in the running of the Detachment
  • The local ACF Battalion

Regrettably, a failure to deliver on any one of these agreements could mean that the only alternative is for Knox pupils to join one of the local ACF detachments, as individual cadets.  This is a relatively simple process, and a number of cadets have already transferred across as a matter of routine.

An agreement has been reached between the Provost and the MoD that the Haddington community dimension of this offer would need to be confirmed by 11 June 2010.