Knox Academy Cadet Force March & Service

The Knox Academy Combined Cadet Force marches into history!

(The service for laying up of the CCF colours)

After 104 years as part of the Haddington community Knox Academy CCF has been forced to close. On Sunday 5th Sept 2010 the CCF colours will be handed over to St Mary’s Church for safe keeping.  All current and past members of the CCF and members of the public who wish to show their support, are invited to march behind the CCF colours as they make their way to St Marys Church for the final time. There will be a Reception in the Town House afterwards to which all participants are welcome.


  • 1000hrs   Muster outside the Corn Exchange
  • 1015hrs  Form up behind the pipe band
  • 1020hrs  March Off
  • 1100hrs  Church Service
  • 1200hrs  March back to Corn Exchange then Town Hall for Reception