Activities Week Excursions

We have had a couple of queries re. the Activities Week Excursions recently and asked Mrs Craig for some feedback at our last PSP meeting. Mrs Craig explained that costs of excursions were kept as low as possible, with staff working to get the best deal possible in terms of booking early, accommodation and price haggling where possible. A question had been raised about visiting theme parks, and this was done at the request of pupils, for example on return journeys and was sometimes built into the package by tour operators. Again, the best price possible was always sought.

Financial assistance is available, and Mrs Craig emphasised that no child had been turned down from attending a school visit because of lack of funds.

Tim Holden
Chair, PSP

Tesco Lunchtime Shopping

We have had some correspondence regarding whether the 5th years should have to queue outside in order to gain entry into Tescos at lunchtime, particularly when the weather is bad. While this measure is designed to control the rush at lunch time the 5th years felt that there must be a better solution. Mrs Craig has spoken with the 5th years and is corresponding with Tescos to explore whether some alternative could be found.

We should be able to report back when we find what they come up with.


The biology department have planned a wonderful event for the evening of Thursday 4th November. The ECOLIFE evening is for pupils, parents and the whole community. As well as craft stalls, food and information, there will be a fashion show and a chance to swap your unwanted clothes, games, CDs etc; great fun for those of us who remember Swap Shop.

It would be great if you could support this evening and tell all your friends. For details of how you can help, see the article in the ‘news’ column on the Knox Academy home page, or contact  Mrs Slowther, Miss Ward or Dr Wilson via the school office – 823387.

This promises to be a really fun evening and a wonderful opportunity for pupils, parents and the community to join together for a good cause. Hope to see you there!!