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We have had a number of queries from parents regarding the amount of cooking undertaken in Home Economics. We raised this at our last PSP meeting and Mrs. Craig clarified that other activities were undertaken as part of HE as well as cooking. In 2nd year, there were three periods of HE per week, and one hour of cooking took place every 4 weeks. It was also explained that while cooking was still taking place, there was now more emphasis on the theory side of HE as part of Curriculum for Excellence. HE has moved from Technology to Health and Well Being within the school’s departments, and some aspects are now covered in other areas of the curriculum. Mrs. Craig clarified that the budgetary constraints which the HE department faces are no greater that those of any other department and that the school is not considering asking pupils to bring in their own ingredients.

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  1. My child is in first year and on at least two occassion observed the teacher doing a practical task which prior to budget constraints the pupils would have been undertaking. As a parent I would be happy to provide ingredients or money to enable this practical learning to take place. Is it school policy not to ask pupil/parents to bring money?

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