Ecolife Thanks

If you were not able to come to this fantastic event, I can only say that you missed one of the most fun-filled events of the year. The PSP would like to offer their thanks and congratulations to Miss Slowther, Miss Ward and Dr Wilson from the Biology department, for all their hard work and dedication in organising such a wonderful evening. It was wonderful to see staff and pupils working together so well for such a good cause and having so much fun in the process. No –one who saw the fashion show will ever forget it. The models, pupils and staff, were terrific in promoting the clothing from local charity shops.  Well done, everybody!

If you were fortunate enough to attend, I’m sure the school would appreciate your feedback.

Any of you who have an interest in ecological matters would be more than welcome to become involved with the school eco-group. This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the school and to witness the enthusiastic, creative work done by staff and pupils together. You can contact me, Vicky Cole, via the PSP website or contact any of the above named members of the biology department. We look forward to hearing from you.