Working Together

The PSP have been discussing with Mrs Craig how parents/carers and the school can work together to help pupils achieve their full potential, particularly in exams. Mrs Craig has explained to us that teachers actively track pupils’ progress and intervene where there is cause for concern. There are regular revision lessons in most subjects at lunchtimes, after school and during the holidays. You can find the details of the revision and study sessions in the Extra Curricular section of the school website, and keep a look out for details of the upcoming Easter Holiday revision classes.

As parents and carers, we can encourage our children to attend these sessions wherever appropriate and, if we have concerns, then we can contact the school. It is important that we ensure that our children have a quiet place to study at home and have access to the internet, where possible, to see the material on the school website. We have also been asked to check our children’s homework diaries, to ensure that their homework is done regularly and is of a good standard.

Our aim is always to work closely with the school to help our children be the best that they can be. Don’t forget to check the school website regularly to see what is going on at the school. If you have any concerns or comments, feel free to contact us or contact the school directly.