PSP October Meeting

The PSP met on the 5th October. The minutes will be available in November, but there are some issues that we should share with you now.

  • Adverse Weather. The school is making preparations for the inevitable disruption that will occur. The school will stay open whenever possible but, in the event of closure, there will be work available on the school website, especially for exam classes. The teachers will be speaking to the pupils about what is expected of them and they will be well aware of the procedure should they have to study at home. So, if your child tells you they have nothing to do, ask them to check again. If all else fails, they can read a book! We, as parents, need to be prepared too. Can you please make sure that you have emergency cover in place in case your children need to go home early, and ensure that the school can contact you if necessary.
  • Mobile Phones. Can we remind you of the school’s policy regarding phones? Strictly speaking, phones shouldn’t be taken into school at all, but those of us whose children do after-school activities like them to have a phone for safety reasons. If this is the case, then your child can hand their phone into the school office first thing in the morning. They should collect it at the end of the school day and then hand it to whoever is running the after-school club for safe keeping. They should not leave it in the changing rooms.

If you have any suggestions or concerns about the school, you can contact us via the website and we will do what we can to help you. Remember that if you have a specific concern that affects your child, you should contact your child’s guidance teacher directly.