What is Enhanced Curriculum?

Enhanced curriculum came about after a decision was made to go down to 7 subjects in S4. We were then left with extra periods per week (ppw) in S3 and S4.

In S3 we were left with 1ppw over, and 2 ppw in S4, and decided, given parental concerns, that it would be a good use of the time to give pupils the chance of getting some support.

Enhanced Curriculum (S3) = 1 period per week, teacher led incorporating study skills, interpersonal skills, work on responsibility and resilience, and topic work that allows for “deeper” learning in a subject of their choice.

Enhanced Curriculum (S4) = 2 periods per week, very much decided on by the pupils.  They can choose to study/work on assignments/catch up on work missed through absence, do extra Literacy and Numeracy, take part in online learning e.g. through Coursera, or can study for an 8th National Qualification.


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