2 thoughts on “Head Pupil”

  1. Given that the changes have already been implemented, it would have been more helpful to hear how the PSP felt the changes are working. Has the school assessed the impact of the change, and how? Surveys of pupils, staff, parents? how do the PSP feel about it?
    I was one of the more sceptical parents who felt that this was an example of ‘political correctness’ being taken too far.

  2. HI Clare, Thank you for commenting. One of the Deputy Head Pupils attending the PSP advised that while it was an unexpected change initially, she felt that it had been a positive change and that the all of the pupil leadership team have embraced their new roles. The document posted recently had been circulated to the PSP prior to the meeting and while they accepted that it was a break with tradition they too could see the positive aspects of the change. Louise Elder (Chair)

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