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PSP Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the PSP will be held at the school next Wednesday 6th Feb at 7:30, immediately after the usual meeting at 6:15. Both meetings are open and all are welcome to attend. There are a couple of places free for parents on the PSP. If anybody is interested in joining us, please send us details of yourself and a summary of why you would like to be on the PSP. In the event of there being more applicants than places, a vote will be held.

For more information, please contact us either via the website, through the school or email us at

Hope to see you there!

Parent Council Minutes

To find out about what goes on at our Parent Council meetings, have a look at our Parent Council minutes, which give a record of what was discussed at each meeting.

Recent Parent Council minutes are now available to view here, including the draft minutes of our last meeting on 9 January 2013.