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Recruitment Observations -Parent Observers required

Recruitment Observations

The Parent Council is often asked to provide Parent Observers to assist in staff interviews, the role usually includes:


Lesson Observation

The parent observer will sit in a classroom watching the candidate teach a class and taking notes on various aspects of the lesson.  There is a checklist of what to look for.   The class is normally an S1 or S2 class.  Often we have two classroom observations running at the same time so the parent will swap with the other observer half way through the lesson so they can observe both candidates.  There is a feedback meeting at the end of the interview process.



The parent observer will sit on the interview panel, asking questions and taking notes, normally with the Head Teacher and a Depute/Faculty Head.  There will be a sheet of prepared questions, which the Head Teacher will go over with the parent before the interviews commence.  There is a feedback meeting at the end of the interview process.

This is a great opportunity for you to play an important part of the life of the school and see what happens in a classroom!

No experience is required.  If you’d like to be involved in interviews and are able to commit a half day or in some case a whole day to the process (it’s good to have continuity of the same observer for all applicants), then please contact the Parent Council and you’ll be put on a list of interested parents.  When we’re approached by the school office for volunteers, you’ll receive an email seeking your assistance, with dates etc.  then it’s first come first served.  We hope that this can extend the reach of parental involvement within the school.   You don’t need to be a member of the Parent Council to take part in this, but you do need to have a strong desire to play an important part in the ongoing development of the school.


John Wrinn

Chair of the Knox Parent Council


Here are comments from other parents who’ve helped out recently:


“When I saw an email asking for parent helper I ignored it.  After all I had been out the work place for many years and I thought I would be of no help at all.  Another few emails came out and as no one stepped forward I decided to offer my help.  I admit I was apprehensive the first time I was involved with an interview.  That was about a year ago and I have now been involved with quite a few.  The role is fairly informal.  You sit in a classroom and observe the interviewee.  You are given a sheet of paper with guidelines.  As a parent you observe the interview in a different way from a teacher.  I really think this helps the interview panel to acquire a better overall impression of the candidate.  I also benefitted from the process.  I know more of the staff and they in turn know who I am, I have a better understanding of how the school functions and I have an active role in my children’s school.  I would highly recommend being involved.”   KB


“Being a parent observer was a great experience.  It gives both a great insight into classroom learning at the school and ensures that parental views are taken into account during the recruitment process.  It’s well worth a morning of your time.”  SS

Knox Academy 100 Club

Knox PTA have started a 100 club.

This is where members of the school community, parents, carers and staff can  buy one number for £3 per month (payable by standing order)but as this is a registered lottery, you must be aged 18 or over.

Each month either at the Parent Council Meeting or at our PTA meeting we will draw a number. The lucky winner wins £50 and in June and September the winner gets £100. To join please direct message us for an application form or click the link below which has full details and the application form.

Knox Academy 100 Club

The application form can be completed and scanned to

Parent Council meeting and AGM

The Knox Parent Council (PC) AGM takes place on the 7th March (immediately after the PC meeting which starts at 6.15pm). This an opportunity to find out more about the work of the PC and possibly become a Parent Member of the PC. The main objectives of the PC are:-
To support the school in it’s work with pupils
Represent the views of all parents
Encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community
Report back to the Parent Forum

If you’re interested in becoming a Parent Member or a co-opted member for a specific group, eg Communications, School Improvement Plan Review then please contact or simply come along to the meeting.

John Wrinn. (Chair)

Papers from Parent Council Meeting Dec 2017

Thanks again to all that attended the meeting on the 06/12/2017 –

Please see below all papers from the meeting. Draft minutes to follow.

December 2017 Papers

Please note agreed minutes from the parent council meeting on the 09/11/2017 are now on the minutes page.

Any queries or concerns please e mail the parent council on  or use the contact us link on this site